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Self-Q-switching and passively Q-switched mode-locking of dual-wavelength Nd:YSAG laser



Author(s): Gao, CC (Gao, Congcong); Lv, SH (Lv, Shuhui); Zhu, G (Zhu, Guo); Wang, GJ (Wang, Guoju); Su, XC (Su, Xiancui); Wang, BB (Wang, Beibei); Kumar, S (Kumar, Santosh); Dou, RQ (Dou, Renqin); Peng, F (Peng, Fang); Zhang, QL (Zhang, Qingli); Yu, HJ (Yu, Haijuan); Lin, XC (Lin, Xuechun); Zhang, BY (Zhang, Bingyuan)

Source: OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY Volume: 122 Article Number: 105860 DOI: 10.1016/j.optlastec.2019.105860 Published: FEB 2020

Abstract: In this paper, self-Q-switched (SQS) and passively Q-switched mode-locked (QML) dual-wavelength Nd:YSAG lasers are reported, that works at 1058.97 and 1061.49 nm, simultaneously. Till now, the performance on SQS, and passively QML operation by using black phosphorus (BP) in Nd:YSAG crystal lasers have not been reported as per the author's knowledge. The Nd:YSAG laser SQS operation was realized by designing a simple plano-plano resonator cavity. The maximum output power of 0.471 W at absorbed pump power 2.64W and the pulse duration was 885 ns. The Nd:YSAG laser QML operation was realized by designing a Z-type resonator cavity. The duration of mode-locked pulse inside the Q-switched envelop was estimated to be 235 ps with 96.5 MHz repetition rate at the absorbed pump power of 4.08 W in QML with black phosphorus saturable absorber (BP-SA).

Accession Number: WOS:000523644700033

ISSN: 0030-3992

eISSN: 1879-2545

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